Video…. How Art Thou Video

With any web presence or digital message that you are attempting to have your target audience find an interest in, you have a very small amount of time to appeal to your viewer’s attention.  When utilizing video production, this directly appeals to those of us that want to find our answers quickly and painlessly.

Instead of having to do a lot of reading on the subject, surfers like to find simplified means of finding answers, they seek quickly.  Video is one medium that enables you to reach this goal.  Video eliminates the need of doing lengthy reading on the subject.  Plus while at the same time, you can appeal to your audience about other services or products you have to offer.  This message can be made available at some point within the video.

If you decide to post your video footage on a third party platform such as YouTube, then you can expect to have more viewers find and watch your video than if you just posted the video on your personal website.  Not to mention, you can actually generate revenue by posting your video footage on YouTube; and be paid according to views.

6 Reasons to Consider Video in Your Marketing Campaign


Video…How Art Thou Video

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