Why is video so important to any website or digital marketing campaign?

In the past video content was considered as being a tool that would be nice to have on a company’s website; but today is has became a must.  We live in an instant gratification society; where the populous wants to find answers as quickly as possible.  Video by far is the best solution a company can take to adhere to a target audiences needs.

The 6 articles below were written to not only give you ideas, but to also review the essential reasons why video has became a must have.  These articles are a great read if you are looking for ways to connect to your target audience in the most effective avenues that work for today’s audiences.

6 Reasons to Consider Video in Your Marketing Campaign

Wedding / Bridal Videos

Video…How Art Thou Video

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Testimonial Videos

Can Video Improve Your SEO Performance?

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Product Review Videos

Video and the Social Networking Arena

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Event/Tradeshow Videos

Video Content Helps to Build Trust and Boosts Participation

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Promotional Videos

Utilize Video to Explain a Products Importance

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Fitness Instruction Videos

Increase ROI Conversions with the use of Video Production

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